About Modular Homes

What is a Modular Home?

One of the most frequent questions we get is, "what exactly is a modular home?"

Many people confuse the term modular home with manufactured home but in reality, these two building types are in fact very different.

Simply put, our modular homes are homes that have been built indoors by way of modules. Once complete, the modules are then transported to their new location and assembled by our Green Homes set up crew.

Our modular homes are built to the same CSA A277 standard as your typical site built home and come with an unprecedented 20 year structural warranty! Because of this standard, they are able to go on almost any city or rural lot.

We fully believe we have the best, most cost effective product on the market.

Other terms you may hear are factory-built, prefab or prefabricated) homes. A modular home is NOT the same as a mobile home-it is simply a home that is built off site rather than on-site.

Building in a factory setting allows for a more cost effective building strategy, less environmental waste and a faster completion time.

We have access to the best quality materials at an affordable price.